Is this government one for and by the people?

For many Trump believers, the administration’s public plan to “buy american” and “make america great again” was a pivotal point for them to actually vote for the candidate. Now, when things are getting real, it seems that all it was, was smoke and mirrors. The best proof is the decree signed to use only USA Steel on constructions and more specifically in the pipelines.

The ever-so-popular pipeline of Keystone seems to be the first and most notable problems on the Trump administration as not only the president himself, but some of his key advisers have financial interests in it. And by financial interests, it should be noted that they are favoring the use of foreign steel, not national.

The whole phrase: What’s good for the goose… Does not seem to apply here, unless by goose you mean the already rich and powerful as well as those that are truly “hand picked” by the president.

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