Choosing The Right Bail Bond Company

Choosing the best option to make bail can be a daunting task. The situation is stressful. The conversations with family and friends are awkward. It is typically a time when you feel the most vulnerable and you are forced to make a series of major financial decisions while in this state of duress. There are some things that you should know, before you commit to any course of action. Making the right choices during incarceration can bring some relief to a very difficult situation.

When first arrested, most people think immediately of finding an attorney as quickly as possible. While this is very important because that decision will effect hearings that dictate the amount of bail you will have to pay. Of equal importance is also to begin making plans for your release pending trial or sentencing. This will require some research at the most inopportune time. The best option is probably to request help from family or friends, not just for financial assistance but also in finding and securing the best available option for your needs.

The first consideration, after bail has been set, is usually cost. Most bail bond companies will require an up-front payment of a ten percent fee, calculated from the total cash amount of your bail. In addition to this immediate outlay of funds, many companies will also request collateral for your loan. This is where the variance between companies really begins. It is important to find out if the company accepts credit cards or lines of credit to cover costs. Some companies may also offer a payment plan for their fee. This can be critical when funds are limited and you are desperate to be released from jail. The first things your representative should ask about when contacting a bail bond company is what the fee will be, all security requirements for the bond and payment options available.

Once a suitable candidate has been identified for your financial needs, the next set of questions to ask them is about their experience and competence. You will need to know that they are fully licensed by the state. Experience working with the court and the institution where you are incarcerated are highly desirable traits as well. Efficiency is crucial and experience is the best teacher.

Asking these simple questions can be the difference between a quick release from jail and added frustrations at the worst possible time.